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JJFJ トピクス
更新日 : 2011年05月16日(月) 02時45分27秒



Dear All.


JJFJ is sorry to have to inform you that we have had to cancel this year's World Pro Jiu-Jitsu - Japan Trials which was due to be held on Sunday March 13 on Kawasaki Todoroki Arena.


Following consultation with the Abu Dhabi World Pro authorities, it was determined that due to the massive earthquake that occurred yesterday in Northern Japan, we can no longer proceed with the event tomorrow.


The JJFJ has worked really hard to organize the Japan Trials and we were looking forward to welcome all our registered athletes and see their exciting matches.  So many have registered from Japan and abroad as well. 

However, due to the tragic catastrophe that occurred yesterday, we cannot make this event take place. Here are some reasons that encouraged our decision to cancel the event.


1. It is not a time for festive events or activities after such a massive tragedy, and the state of the country. 


2. Many of the registered athletes had to cancel their participation due to the earthquake. This would be unfair for those who would not be able to attend the event due to this tragedy. 


3. The event would be held in Kanagawa prefecture. This area is under alert and we cannot put our members and staff at risk in case something is to occur again during the time of the event. 


We understand that athletes have paid their registration fees, and some have made other expenses in order to come to the event. It is unfortunate that we cannot proceed with this event and we ask for your understanding.


We are will try to reschedule the date, but we cannot assure that it will happen. If we are capable of doing so we will be informing on the JJFJ website. 


 JJFJ will refund all of the registration fees. 


Therefore, on behalf of the JJFJ committee and the Abu Dhabi World Pro directors, we would like to apologize for the cancellation, especially to those of you who have come from abroad and already made travel and accommodation plans. Unfortunately, these were circumstances which were beyond our control but we intend to make next year's Trials even more spectacular so we hope you can join us then. 


For now, let us put our thoughts and simpathy to those who have lost their lives or lost a loved one in this tragic catastrophe. 








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